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Research promotes ‘doubly green’ renewable energy captured from bio-waste

According to a researcher, cities around the United States could use their own biowaste from food scraps or manure to produce renewable energy for vehicles.

The proposed operation uses renewable natural gas (RNG) from biowaste and renewable hydrogen (RH2) from surplus electricity generated by solar or wind energy as a vehicle fuel for onboard transportation.

The fuel would be doubly-green in terms of environmental impact because it is produced from green energy technologies – RNG from biowaste and RH2 from wind and solar to enrich natural gas.



  • Solar energy
  • Power

Sustainability domain

  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste management

Type of innovation

  • Core sciences & engineering

Stakeholder type

  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher


Relevant for

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Biochemical engineer
  • Oil & gas engineer
  • Biomass energy professional
  • Production or process engineer
  • Biotech professional
  • Solid waste management professional

Innovation sector

  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Renewable energy sciences