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From field to biorefinery: Computer model optimizes biofuel operations

The new developed model can run millions of simulations, optimizing operations to bring down costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions or achieve other goals from the farm to the biorefinery.

The goal was to "consider all these operations together and find out the best system, not just the best harvester or the best method of storage, but a system that works together to achieve a given goal.

The model took into account regional attributes such as weather, crop yield, farm size and transport distances.


  • Power

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  • Renewable Energy

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  • Core sciences & engineering

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  • Biochemical engineer
  • Biomass energy professional
  • Production or process engineer
  • Farmer
  • Agricultural scientist
  • Biotech professional

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  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Heat & thermodynamics
  • Power engineering
  • Crop sciences