Allume - Rooftop Solar Startups @ CLIMAX500

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Allume - Rooftop Solar Startups @ CLIMAX500

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Allume is a CLIMAX500 Top 10 startup for 2022, under Rooftop Solar

Startup background

SolShare - hardware for connecting apartments to rooftop solar

  • The Behind-the-meter solution is simple to install and affordable, making it the go-to solar solution for apartment buildings.
  • Monitors the connected units’ demand and instantaneously directs the supplied power to optimize power delivery to the units.
The algorithm responds to each participant’s instantaneous usage, directing the solar to where it’s needed to maximize consumption and savings.

Power Division Control System

Web site

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Re: Allume - Rooftop Solar Startups @ CLIMAX500

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Such a product should be made compulsory in all urban new apartments. Moreover, Gov should subsidise it,
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