GreenFire Energy Inc - Geothermal energy Startups @ CLIMAX500

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GreenFire Energy Inc - Geothermal energy Startups @ CLIMAX500

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GreenFire Energy Inc is a CLIMAX500 Top 10 startup for 2022, under Rooftop Solar

Startup background

GreenLoop™ technology - a closed-loop energy system that can access the deep regions of hot, dry rock where most geothermal resources reside.

  • Enables large scale, low risk, and cost competitive power generation
  • Can also be used to retrofit existing unproductive or degraded wells in conventional geothermal fields.
  • Access to high temperature resources
  • Advanced well modelling to optimise well production economics
  • Intrinsic energy storage capabilities that enable flexible power generation as needed with built-in energy storage
  • Reduced risk in drilling and exploration
GreenLoop is a better solution than batteries to deal with the intermittency and unpredictability of wind and solar energy.

Closed loop geothermal production technique

Web site

Clixoo members can discuss about the startup here - ask questions, talk about related startups, provide relevant info etc.

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