Your child gets credits and visibility on Clixoo for contributions. Be the next “GREEN KID OF THE MONTH”.
Show us some of your creations and we will showcase your children’s contributions on clean technology,renewable energy and sustainability. The only qualification is that all contributions should have some connection to the sustainability of concept.

Teaching Sustainability and Clean technology to Kids


We will showcase your children’s contributions on clean technology, renewable energy and sustainability.

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Suseum - Sustainability Museum

Suseum, the sustainability museum, is a first of its kind in the world.

The idea behind this museum is to provide practical awareness and guide to folks on the entire spectrum of sustainability, so that not only do visitors get to learn about sustainability, they also get a hands on understanding of how to start practising specific activities.

Located at Nungambakkam in Chennai, India, Suseum’s goal is to be a change agent, enlightening society about sustainable living, green practices and clean technologies.
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Clixoo Eco6

Clixoo Eco6 is suite of 6 eco-products for learning & fun.

Eco6 is the first Indian complete Ecotainment package focused on children.

Combining fun, learning and interactive stuff, Eco6 comprises a package of six interesting components, including an exciting board game Who Saved the World.
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