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All about CO2

The most comprehensive online resource for the most important molecule - Answers to 100+ questions, interesting facts & stats on CO2

CO2 is the molecule that is the dominant cause for climate change and global warming. Since 2000, the focus on CO2 emissions has increased dramatically, and so have efforts to reduce them.

About 99% of our atmosphere is made of oxygen and nitrogen, which cannot absorb the infrared radiation that the earth emits. Of the remaining 1%, the main molecules that can absorb infrared radiation are CO2 and water vapor, because their atoms are able to vibrate in just the right way to absorb the energy that earth gives off. After these gases absorb the energy, they emit half of it back to earth and half of it into space, thus trapping some of the heat within the atmosphere. This trapping of heat is called the greenhouse effect.

As the most prominent greenhouse gas, CO2, from being just another chemical compound comprising less than 0.05% (by volume) in air, has become the most talked about gas today.

The All about CO2 section is a part of CLIMAX, the climate innovation acceleration platform. It provides well-researched answers to a comprehensive set of questions about the most important molecule of our time.

The objective behind this effort is to provide insights about CO2 on all important aspects, and all at one place, to benefit a wide range of professionals. For some of you, this might be the place where they get to know more about CO2; for others, the insights here could provide ideas for research or business; and for some others, diverse inputs about CO2 at one place might help them in connecting the dots.

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Sections @ All about CO2

Vital stats

Get to know at a glance important and insightful info & data about CO2.


CO2 history & lifecycle

Insights on CO2 emission sources, history of CO2 emissions, and highlights of the CO2 lifecycle.


CO2 properties

Data and inputs on properties associated with CO2 - physical & chemical properties, and properties relevant to its interactions with diverse environments.


CO2 current uses

While some current uses of CO2 are well-known, many others are not. Get to know from this section all the end uses CO2 is currently employed in.


CO2 emerging uses

Significant R&D efforts are being directed towards utilizing CO2 in many new applications and products - in chemicals, fuels and even food. Get to know about all these.


CO2 & climate change

The intersection of CO2 and climate change is far more nuanced than what we read in mainstream media. Get to know of these as well as the diverse avenues to decarbonize earth's atmosphere.


CO2 & ecosystem

CO2 continuously interacts with a vast ecosystem around it. Will it not be interesting to understand more about these interactions and their relevance to decarbonization?


The rest

There’s always something about anything that simply cannot be categorized! This is where you will find them for CO2.


Surprising CO2

CO2 has been around for a long, long time. Is it any wonder there are many interesting and even surprising facts about CO2 that you may not know?


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