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Effective Climate Education for Schools

Schools @ Climate Academy will provide comprehensive assistance to primary and secondary schools in imparting effective climate education.

Did you know?

  • The majority of students in U.S. schools get between zero and two hours of instruction per year about climate change - New Republic, Apr 2022
  • 70% of teachers in the UK say they do not feel equipped to teach about climate change effectively. - 1851 Trust, Apr 2022
  • Britain’s children are being failed by schools when it comes to learning about the climate crisis, with the subject often wholly missing from the curriculum, sidelined, or mistaught, students and education experts have said - The Guardian, Jan 2022
  • In India, students petitioned the government to incorporate climate education in the curriculum of Delhi schools - New Indian Express - Sep 2021

Today’s school children will be at the forefront of climate action ten years from now. A recent study found children born in 2020 could face seven times more climate disasters than those born in 1960.

But climate education in schools worldwide leaves much to be desired.

How can Climate Academy assist schools in climate education?

  1. Assistance for teachers get a better grasp of the climate action domains in the specific context of school education
  2. Assistance in content development for different grades
  3. Develop interactive curriculum, including quizzes and test materials
  4. Providing intelligence on climate education best practices by schools worldwide
  5. Help teachers connect with other teachers for collaboration

While most schools have some topics about the environment from early grades, our review found that most of these are inadequate for them to develop the effective knowledge they need to pursue higher studies and careers related to climate and sustainability.

Our interactions have further shown that many teachers and school administrators were keen to get external assistance on this.

At Climate Academy, we have created a small division dedicated to assisting schools in their climate education initiatives. We use our deep understanding of the decarbonization domain and the decarbonization avenues (see the complete list of these here) to structure education for school children that are aligned to these.

Simply put, we help in providing high-impact climate education for schools.

We can provide assistance for grades starting from Grade IV all the way to higher secondary education.

While most of Climate Academy’s efforts are currently focused on India for many of our education & skilling programs, for school education we will be happy to assist teachers from any part of the world as the content/assistance needed is pretty similar for schools anywhere.

Highlights of Climate Academy assistance for schools

Type of assistance: Conceptual help & content development

Type of access: Virtual/online

Topics: All critical climate action topics

Geography: English speaking countries

Grades: Grade IV to higher secondary

Next steps

Interested in knowing more about how we can help? Send a note to and a team member will connect with you soon.

You may also connect with our co-founder Narasimhan (Narsi) Santhanam in this regard at