Maximizing value from climate innovations

Over the next three decades, innovations will drive climate change mitigation efforts because business as usual and industries as usual will not get us to a safe carbon zone.

Though the importance of innovations for climate change mitigation has been recognized and acknowledged by all key stakeholders, the actual action on the ground shows significant inefficiencies. Innovations happen in silos with poor or no leveraging of other efforts, many efforts are not fully aligned to effective decarbonization avenues and perhaps as a consequence many innovation avenues are underserved.

The CLIMAX section at Clixoo aims to address the above inefficiencies and be a key catalyst for maximizing the value of climate change innovations happening across decarbonization avenues, industries, universities, startups and geographies.

Decarbonization avenues form the core part of CLIMAX - these are solution pathways that have significant potential for reducing / avoiding carbon emissions. For the first phase, we have identified 10 decarbonization avenues. Our aim is to ensure that each section becomes a hub that efficiently drives innovations for that sector over the next few months.

If you are a climate change innovator - university or corporate researcher, startup, solution provider, or an engineer with an innovative bent of mind - the intelligence and interactions at CLIMAX should be of great interest to you.

If you are a climate innovation support stakeholder - financial investor, government bureaucrat, corporate sustainability executive, NGO executive - you are likely to come across many innovation updates, innovators, startups and solutions that you wish to support.