Decarbonization avenues @ CLIMAX

Decarbonization avenues represent effective solution pathways for significantly decreasing CO2 emissions.

Here is the list of ten decarbonization avenues that CLIMAX will focus on in the first phase. Each section provides regular updates and insights on innovations, challenges, startups, university research and key happenings for the avenue.

Our goal is to make each section the innovation hub for the decarbonization avenue.

Renewable Natural Gas

Low carbon natural gas from bio-sources

Concentrated Solar Power

Solar thermal for power & high temperature applications

Decarbonizing cement industry

Driving down CO2 emissions from a large emitter

C2V - CO2 to Value

Converting a greenhouse gas into green opportunities


Integrating bio-processes and technologies for a low carbon future

Green hydrogen

Leveraging renewable energy to produce a versatile green fuel

Heat pump

Smart use of ambient heat for decarbonization

Enhancing thermal power plant efficiency

Driving down CO2 emissions through energy efficiency

Better O&M of solar power plants

Deriving more out of a zero carbon power source

Low & medium temperature solar thermal

Sun's heat for low temperature processes