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Marine BioEnergy


Robotic kelp elevators

  • Help seaweed move up and down in the water with the help of drones to optimise access to sunlight and nutrients in the open ocean.



  • In preliminary testing conducted by a team at the University of Southern California Wrigley Institute, the depth-cycled kelp is growing as well or better than the control kelp

  • Growing kelp on farms in the open ocean
  • Drone technology
  • Country

    United States


    Marine BioEnergy


    Turning Kelp into fuel with Marine BioEnergy

    USC Wrigley Institute Kelp biofuel project

    More about Marine BioEnergy from the web

    • An aquaculture device called ‘kelp elevator’ tested as a foremost biofuel source - Link

    • Experimental project off Catalina Island aims to make fuel out of kelp - May 2017 - Link

    • The next biofuel source could be giant sea kelp - Apr 2021 - Link

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