Reduce water consumption and water treatment costs by recovering water

Recapture and recycle massive amounts of water that would otherwise be wasted at industrial scale facilities such as power plants, data centers, and factories.



  • 20% reduction in total plant water consumption (make-up and blowdown)
  • $1M annual savings in water sourcing and water treatment costs for a 600 MW system&

  • Reduce water consumption
  • High-voltage electric fields for water recovery
  • High-voltage electric fields
  • Video

    Infinite Cooling - MIT delta v Demo Day 2017

    Infinite Cooling

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    • Vapor-collection technology saves water while clearing the air - Aug 2021 - Link

    • Bio-inspired retrofit may save manufacturers millions of gallons of water annually - Sept 2021 - Link

    • Water-capturing cooling tower technology makes headway at MIT - June 2018 - Link

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