Decarbonization Avenue University research @ CLIMAX

The road to affordable green hydrogen

Using wind power to produce hydrogen could provide a cost-competitive alternative to coal-dominated hydrogen manufacturing systems in China.

The research team studied the economic and technological feasibility of green hydrogen production taking into account actual power demand, assimilated wind speed data, power system operations and the different electrolysis methods used to extract hydrogen.

The framework combined a high-resolution wind resource analysis with hourly simulation for the operation of power systems and hydrogen production.


  • Transportation & logistics
  • Power

Sustainability domain

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainability policies & frameworks

Type of innovation

  • Core sciences & engineering

Stakeholder type

  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher


Relevant for

  • Biochemical engineer
  • Material sciences professional
  • Power engineer
  • Production or process engineer
  • Roads & road transportation engineer

Innovation sector

  • Environmental sciences
  • Heat & thermodynamics
  • Policy-making
  • Power engineering