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System can sterilize medical tools using solar heat

A device used to sterilize medical tools in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ and dentists’ offices could provide pressurized steam to run autoclaves without the need for electricity in off-grid areas.

Researchers at MIT and IIT has come up with a way to generate the needed steam passively, using just the power of sunlight, with no need for fuel or electricity. 

The device, which would require a solar collector of about 2 square meters (or yards) to power a typical small-clinic autoclave, could maintain safe, sterile equipment at low cost in remote locations.


  • Solar energy

Sustainability domain

  • Renewable Energy

Type of innovation

  • Core sciences & engineering

Stakeholder type

  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher
  • Solution provider


Relevant for

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Thermodynamics & heat sciences professional
  • Electrical engineer
  • Material sciences professional
  • Solar power professional
  • Production or process engineer
  • Doctor
  • Hospital supplies management professional
  • Hospital management professional

Innovation sector

  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy storage
  • Environmental sciences
  • Heat & thermodynamics
  • Renewable energy sciences