Decarbonization Avenue : Renewable Natural Gas

In fact

RNG from food waste solves many problems for cities

RNG from food waste, especially from commercial units such as restaurants and hotels is one avenue that solves a real disposal headache for the commercial units while at the same producing something valuable. This could be even better if RNG plants of smaller capacity could be installed economically so urban food waste does not need to travel long distances before they are processed into biogas.

Relevant for

  • Procurement, supply chain & logistics professional
  • Industrial EHS professional
  • Biomass energy professional
  • Biotech professional
  • City administration professional
  • Urban sanitation professionals

Innovation sector

  • Environmental sciences
  • Policy-making
  • Social sciences
  • Waste management
  • Logistics & transportation

Other In fact


  • Startup or entrepreneur
  • Government
  • NGO