Decarbonization Avenue : Green hydrogen

In fact

Offshore wind + offshore/gas platform = green hydrogen!

We should have seen this coming - an exciting project aims to produce green hydrogen at an offshore oil & gas platform using offshore wind power, and transport the hydrogen produced onshore along with the gas.

Really looking forward to its progress ( )

Also looking forward to how the oil & gas companies would react. Will they see this as an opportunity to enter a sunrise industry or will they consider this to be a competition to be warded off?


Relevant for

  • Senior & top management
  • Business visionary / thought leader
  • Chemical engineer
  • Civil or construction engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Oil & gas engineer
  • Wind power professional
  • Industrial engineer
  • Marine & ocean sciences professional
  • Venture capital or private equity professional

Innovation sector

  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Renewable energy sciences

Other In fact


  • Corporate researcher
  • Startup or entrepreneur
  • Solution provider
  • Government