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Ambitious carbon neutral cement project by Concrete Chemicals

So here’s ( ) the ambitious plan suggested by Concrete Chemicals, a consortium of biggies - they would like to integrate two electrolysis processes - water conversion to hydrogen through an alkaline electrolyser and  conversion of CO2 (captured from emissions) and H2 to syngas through a Solid Oxide fuel cells electrolyser, both of which will be powered by renewable power - solar and wind power.

The syngas can be converted to chemicals or drop in liquid fuel substitutes.  No carbon emitted anywhere during production, the CO2 from cement plants is converted into fuels that would have otherwise entailed using fossil fuels.

Co-electrolysis for water and syngas production is not new. but what makes the project notable is the scale at which the consortium wishes to try it out.

Will be interesting to see the progress of this project.

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