Decarbonization Avenue : Decarbonizing cement industry

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Could CCS jeopardise long term low carbon investments?

An MIT analysis ( ) argues that for industries such as cement, CCS might be the best decarbonization avenue.

In their support, they point out a research finding which states “...absent industrial CCS deployment, the global costs of implementing the 2 C policy are higher by 12 percent in 2075 and 71 percent in 2100, relative to policy costs with CCS.”

Economically then, CCS might be the choice, but will the use of CCS stop the industrial sector from implementing  disruptive designs, technologies and processes that will make the industry sustainable in the very long run? In other words, is CCS a nice short cut for the industry to continue with their bad habits?

Regardless of their personal convictions and beliefs, in contexts such as environmental sustainability that is not core to  their business operations, corporate & industry leaders will take the shortest cut possible to achieve their sustainabillity  targets. And CCS does offers a solution that is likely to be quite tempting to them:

Emit it - capture it - bury it - forget it


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