Plant-based meat substitutes - steak & pork alternative

  • Synthetic, 3D-printed meat that can mimic the texture of beef or chicken
  • Does not contain cholesterol or the hormones and antibiotics often found in real meat



  • Whole muscle-cut technology
  • Their technology makes plant-based proteins that have a meaty texture

  • Plant-based steak
  • vegetable proteins
  • Vegan meat
  • Advanced food printing, Micro-extrusion technology and Tissue engineering
  • Country



    Nova Meat


    Introducing FoodTech Hub Barcelona - Nova Meat

    Spanish startup serves up 3D printed steaks

  • NovaMeat develops meat analogue with look and feel of whole beef muscle cut - Jan 2020 - Link

  • 3D-Printed Vegan Steak: NovaMeat’s Version 2.0 Is Most Realistic Beef Yet - Jan 2020 - Link

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