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CO2-based microalgae cultivation to produce next-generation biofuels

TotalEnergies and Veolia are partnering to accelerate the development of microalgae cultivation using CO2. The two will pool their know-how to develop a four-year research project at the La Mède biorefinery, operated by TotalEnergies, with the long-term goal of producing biofuel.

As part of the project, a test platform will be set up to compare different innovative systems for growing microalgae and identify the most efficient ones.

Veolia will bring its expertise in the water sector to optimize management of the microalgae’s aquatic environment and the development of algal biomass as an effective solution for CO2 capture. TotalEnergies will bring its expertise in the cultivation and refining of biomass to produce advanced biofuels, as well as CO2 capture and utilization technologies.

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  • Water & wastewater management professional
  • Biotech professional
  • Microbiologist

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  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Water
  • Crop sciences

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