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CO2 to carbon fiber

Mars Materials, Oakland: develops a new pathway for carbon fiber production using CO2 as a raw material

Mars Materials is commercializing technology that converts CO2 and biomass into low-cost and low-carbon feedstock used for thermoplastics and synthetic fibers such as 3D printing filament and carbon fibers, respectively. Mars estimates its technology can reduce carbon fiber production costs by 50%. Mars’ mission is to store a gigaton of CO2 into these and other everyday products.

It converts captured CO2 into plastics and carbon fibers by converting waste-CO2 into acrylonitrile and improving the resource intensive acrylonitrile production process used to create electronics, clothes, and carpets.

Relevant for

  • Chemical engineer
  • Plastics & polymer science professional
  • Electrochemical engineer
  • Material sciences professional
  • Fashion designer

Innovation sector

  • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Material sciences

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  • Startup or entrepreneur
  • Solution provider

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