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Pond Technologies Partners With Livalta On Algae-Based Animal Feed Project

With growing population, the search for avenues to dramatically increase human and animal food production has accelerated. 

While on the one hand, some really exotic avenues are being attempted - converting CO2 to proteins through intelligent catalysts, for instance - an equally important and more effective method could be to cultivate algae on large scales.

Algae (especially microalgae) grow fast, give much higher yields than traditional plants for the same area, can grow in a variety of regions and under challenging environments (even waste water and sewage) and thus can suck in a lot more CO2 for the same amount of time and area compared to traditional plants. With over 30,000 strains, and each strain having its own composition, algae can be grown to provide a variety of food & chemicals - ethanol, lipids, proteins and more,

Algae-based animal feed project

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