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In fact

Decarbonising takes thousands of tiny, boring steps

What is it going to achieve decarbonization the world over?

On the one hand, we have the real big boys' club (billionaires, mega corps) trying out big ideas - green hydrogen, direct air capture, nuclear fusion. They very well know that none of these might work out - almost everyone agrees that there is no silver bullet. But for them, given their size and status, trying something big, uncertain and risky is worth it, especially given the possible pay-offs

And on the other side we have the relatively ordinary inhabitants - scientists, engineers, researchers, small businesses, entrepreneurs...this group is making efforts of their own as well, but their efforts are more in the nature of changing many different things along the value chains of businesses of lifestyles. The efforts carry less uncertainty, investment and risks, but the payoffs from each of the efforts might not be large in itself. As this FT report ( ) says, decarbonizing might not be a few big-bang implementations, but could be thousands of tiny, boring steps.

Efforts to convert CO2 to value fall in both the above categories, though given that CO2 sourcing is likely to happen at tens of thousands of locations, the second category will perhaps be more involved, or at least equally involved, as the first category.


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