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Converting CO2 into Omega-3 fatty acids and biodiesel

A news report that the Indian Oil Corp was planning to convert CO2 into Omega-3 was intriguing.


The actual process looks pretty interesting.

As a first step, the captured CO2 (presumably from the company's refineries) will be converted to acetic acid/acetate through an anaerobic fermentation process designed by LanzaTech in which CO2 and hydrogen will be reacted. This might not be so unheard of.

What happens next is quite interesting.

The acetate is used as the feedstock for a heterotropic algae strain that produces an algal biomass righ in lipids.

The lipid is transesterified and the DHA is separated from the biodiesel portion, and voila, you have made Omega-3,  biodiesel and protein rich deoiled biomass. The report says 10 Kg of CO2 can yield 0.8 Kg of DHA, 0.8 Kg of biodiesel and 1.7 Kg of deoiled biomass.

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