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Liquid Wind and Carbon Clean partner to produce 'carbon neutral' shipping fuel

Partners aim to develop 50,000 tonnes of e-methanol annually by early 2024 at plant in Örnsköldsvik on the east coast of Sweden

Carbon Clean, a leader in low-cost carbon capture technology announced today it has entered into an agreement with power-to-fuels developer Liquid Wind. Carbon Clean will develop, standardise, and supply carbon capture technology and expertise to support the production of carbon neutral marine fuel.

Carbon Clean’s technology will capture biogenic carbon dioxide emissions from a local industrial site. Within the Liquid Wind facility, the CO2 will then be combined with renewable hydrogen to form the carbon neutral liquid fuel, eMethanol. When used as marine fuel, eMethanol reduces carbon emissions by 94% compared to current fossil fuels

Accelerating access to liquid carbon neutral fuel.

Once operational from early 2024, the fuel facility will upcycle 70,000 tonnes of CO2 into 50,000 tonnes of carbon neutral eMethanol a year.

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