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Maersk to use ‘carbon neutral e-methanol, targets 2023 launch

The world’s largest container shipping firm says Denmark’s European Energy and its subsidiary, REintegrate ( ), will set up a facility to produce carbon neutral e-methanol.

The plant would then produce approximately 10,000 metric tons of e-methanol used by Maersk’s ship every year. The e-methanol will be made using renewable energy and biogenic carbon dioxide, with production of the fuel for Maersk slated to begin in 2023.

The interesting point is the biogenic sourcing of carbon. Would this mean that they would be using energy crops or or agricultural waste as the feedstock to produce? No. A reading from their web site suggests that they will be using CO2 captured from biogas plants (and other biomass based emissions, presumably). 

So, it's CO2 based synthetic fuels, but it is CO2 captured from biogenic emissions. This is why they say theirs will be carbon neutral.

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