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Bioplastics from biochar

One can be charitable in considering bioplastics to be a form of carbon sequestration and valorization, especially if the bioplastics is used to make durable products. After all, the biomass feedstock had captured CO2 during its growth, and it would not be released back to the atmosphere for a while if it is a durable plastic.

The bioplastics produced by Made of Air is making the carbon sequestration aspect even more apparent - their bioplastic  is made from biochar. This charcoal-like material is almost pure carbon and is made by burning biomass such as forestry offcuts and secondary agricultural materials without oxygen. Biochar has been produced for centuries and is increasingly being used as a fertiliser as well as a way of sequestering carbon in the soil. Made of Air mixes biochar with a binder made from sugar cane to create a material that can be melted and moulded like a regular thermoplastic.

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  • Chemical engineer
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