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Electrical catalysis says hello to thermal

Do you expect hot sparks to fly when "electrical" meets "thermal"?

How valuable would it be if two different teams working on catalytic reactions - one relying on heat based catalysis and another on electricity based catalysis - started interacting with each other?

We will soon find out as that’s what has started happening at Stanford Univ. ( ), thanks to the synthesis of a new catalyst that can be used for both heat-driven and electricity-driven reactions.

Apparently, these two types of teams even within the same university or research outfits rarely interact - and this in a world where people from different corners of the world can connect within seconds!

Synergies between these two disciplines could hopefully lead to better synthesis of CO2 into chemicals. As a first step, this catalyst can convert CO2 to CO using either of the approaches - heat or electricity. CO can be used for further conversion to liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

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