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Producing oxygen from CO2

We don't need this from CO2 on earth, that's for sure - the oxygen.

So why would some company try this?

Because they are looking at producing oxygen in an atmosphere filled with CO2. Mars. for instance.

Mars' atmosphere however is 95% carbon dioxide. The rest comprise mainly of nitrogen and argon. Oxygen is present only in trace amounts. 

NASA has been preparing for a Mars expedition for many years now, and their experiments that go under the name MOXIE (for Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment) has had some success with producing oxygen from CO2. 

In theory, it is fairly simple - you just got to split CO2 into CO and oxygen. But the question is how to make the process technically feasible to work on Mars.

In the current system being perfected by NASA, the conversion process occurs at temperatures around 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees Celsius)/ MOXIE is thus made of heat-tolerant materials and features a thin gold coating to keep heat from radiating outward.

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