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Modular Carbon Capture Technology from Holy Grail

Holy Grail was founded in 2019 by David Pervan and Nuno Pereira, in Mountain View, California, and the company is currently prototyping a carbon capture device, built to scrub CO2 from the atmosphere. The device’s key feature is that it is compact and designed to function as a modular system, as opposed to the large and unwieldy carbon capture technology being built for industrial use.

The device would help make carbon capture technology more accessible to smaller companies, and possibly even individual consumers. Manufactured using low cost materials, with a simple design and function, the device would be the first example of a mass manufacturable carbon capture device, and would be built from 100% recycled materials.

Holy Grail’s chief innovation in this area is the use of electricity to instigate a chemical reaction, removing the CO2 from the air, as opposed to industrial methods, which involve longer processes and require mechanical pumping and large amounts of water and energy.

While the company's focus is more on distributed and modular carbon capture and not on its use, one also wonders if there could be future avenues or business models that can valorise such distributed CO2 capture.

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  • Product design engineer
  • Electrochemical engineer
  • Venture capital or private equity professional
  • Bureaucrat

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  • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental sciences

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