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UK food industry warned about CO2 shortages

On the one hand, the world's leaders are struggling to figure out how to lower CO2 emissions.

On the other, there are others who are worried that enough CO2 is not being emitted.


CO2 is used in a variety of applications, and some of them that are quite relevant to the food industry are:

  • To stun animals before they are slaughtered (an example of human ingenuity clothed as kindness!)
  • For packing meat
  • In food refrigeration systems
  • Used for the fizz in drinks

The UK has suddenly been plunged into a CO2 scarcity. With soaring wholesale gas prices that have led to closure of two large fertilizer plants that produce 60% of the country's CO2, the sudden stoppage of CO2 supplies has plunged the food industry into chaos.

Relevant for

  • Senior & top management
  • Procurement, supply chain & logistics professional
  • Business/management consultant
  • Chemical engineer
  • Dietitian or food scientist
  • Bureaucrat
  • Food maker

Innovation sector

  • Policy-making

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