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Scientists engineered bacteria to eat CO2 instead of sugars

Bacteria, unlike plants, and like humans, take in oxygen and give out CO2. And just like humans, they need sugars to produce energy.

And these micro-organisms do a lot of good work in the world outside - and also inside our human bodies.

Wouldn't it also be nice if these critters became a bit more benign and did not spew out CO2? If they can, then we have trillions of micro-sized CO2 crunching factories that end up producing useful stuff.

Sounds too fantastic to be true? It's definitely at least not fantasy any more, as scientists have engineere bacteria, at least one bacterial strain, to eat CO2 instead of sugars (and make the sugars they need). This one bacterial strain happens to be the super-celebrity E.coli.

Here's more on this interesting research by Israeli scientists from Fast Company -

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