Decarbonization Avenue : C2V - CO2 to Value

In fact

CO2 to animal food

British companies such as Deep Branch ( )  convert CO2 to animal food

Now that might be a pretty good idea, and not just because it uses CO2 that would have been otherwise emitted without any valorization.

Given that many more people will populate earth (with a substantial portion of them being meat eaters) it would mean lots more meat, and that translates to lots more animal food. And if that lots more animal food could come from CO2, why not indeed!

But there's a countertrend that's emerging in parallel - plant-based meat.

These two approaches target the same market eventually - meat eaters - but take quite different approaches on how to imbibe sustainability and low carbon footprint. 

Relevant for

  • Business visionary / thought leader
  • Chemical engineer
  • Veterinary professional
  • Dietitian or food scientist
  • Venture capital or private equity professional

Innovation sector

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry & chemical engineering

Other In fact


  • University researcher
  • Startup or entrepreneur