Decarbonization Avenue : C2V - CO2 to Value

In fact

Power to X

Almost from nowhere, and in no time, the term Power to X seems to be everywhere within the cleantech ecosystem.

Power-to-X refers to the pathway where zero-carbon renewable power can be used to produce zero carbon fuels and chemicals.

How is this possible?

By using electricity to power electrochemical reactions that can combine and convert a range of carbon and hydrogen sources to hydrocarbon fuels, chemicals and materials,

An exciting example is the use of CO2, yes the dreaded CO2, as an ingredient to make fuels through this pathway. Take CO2 on one hand, and hydrogen on the other. Combine the two, identify the right catalyst. apply zero carbon electricity and you have the potential to produce either directly or through an intermediary syngas route a range of chemicals and fuels. 

All along the way, no cabon emitted, and only carbon captured and used. You get your gasoline or diesel or aviation fuel and your car or truck or airplane can run just as usual, with no modifications, but with a fuel that is net zero carbon because it is only giving out as much carbon as it absorbed in the first place.

Makes you excited? Or confused? Or...suspicious?

Relevant for

  • Corporate sustainability professional
  • Senior & top management
  • Corporate strategy professional
  • Business visionary / thought leader
  • Business/management consultant
  • Chemical engineer
  • Plastics & polymer science professional
  • Electrochemical engineer
  • Power engineer
  • Oil & gas engineer
  • Solar power professional
  • Wind power professional
  • Biomass energy professional
  • Production or process engineer

Innovation sector

  • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Physics
  • Policy-making
  • Power engineering

Other In fact


  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher
  • Financial investor