Decarbonization Avenue : C2V - CO2 to Value

In fact

A library for showcasing materials with CO2 capture potential

Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen has launched Aireal, an online library showcasing materials that can capture atmospheric carbon.

The library contains images and descriptions of materials developed by companies and institutes around the world that store carbon in a useful way.

Materials featured include olivine, an abundant mineral present on the earth's upper mantle, and which can absorb its own mass of carbon dioxide during a process known as mineral carbonation. The olivine sand finds uses in foundries around the world.

Relevant for

  • Material sciences professional
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Mining engineer
  • Metalworking engineer/scientist
  • Earth sciences professional
  • Geological sciences professional

Innovation sector

  • Geological sciences
  • Material sciences

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  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher