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Porsche Working on Synthetic Fuel to Make ICE Cars as Clean as EVs

Let's look at two different trends:

One, willy nilly, CO2 emitting industrial processes are going to exist for a long time to come. Which implies for the next few decades in the very least, we will have billions of tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Even if the CO2 were captured, storing it somewhere will be a big headache during this period.

Two, large scale eletrification of transport, while it may well be the future, is not going to happen tomorrow. We are again perhaps talking about a few decades.

What if, during these few decades, I take the CO2 from the first trend, and with renewable hydrogen, convert it to synthetic fuel that the billion plus ICE vehicles on the road can use?

This could be an effective transition solution.

And that's what Porsche is trying to do.

Porsche’s eFuels are made out of CO2 and hydrogen and are produced using renewable energy. The final result is a liquid that an engine will burn the same as if it was gasoline made from crude oil, but an eFuel can be produced in a climate-neutral manner, at least in theory. In fact, a top exec from the company claims "From a 'well to wheel' perspective—and you have to consider the well-to-wheel impact of all vehicles—this will be the same level of CO2 produced in the manufacture and use of an electric vehicle."

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