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How do people feel about CO2-based products?

An interesting report from Fast Company provided some insights on how the end user market (the B2C market) would take to CO2 based products, based on a survey done in the US.

Most ordinary people would connect CO2 to pollution, global warming, and the black smoke from power plants. How comfortable would they be to have this in the products they use?

Not surprisingly, the users seemed to be wary when the CO2 was used in products such as food, beverages and others that would affect their health - cosmetics & toiletries too, perhaps?

They should be far more comfortable with it being used to make plastics (at least durable plastics) or concrete or perhaps floor cleaning chemicals.

Safety was a concern for many people in the survey. One-third didn’t know if these products might pose a health risk, and others thought they would. It’s important to understand that products made with captured carbon dioxide are subject to the same safety regulations as traditional materials used in food and consumer products. This includes filtering out unwanted pollutants in the flue gas before using the carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages or plastics.

As the author says, what most people don't realise is that the CO2 we use in our beverages today comes from natural gas, when it is steam reformed to produce hydrogen (which in turn is used predominantly to produce ammonia for the fertilizer industry).

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