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Coal Power Plants: Pathways for Co2 reduction and Co2-based value products

Coal power plants form a large concentrated source of CO2 emissions. 

With the fast progress in research on CO2 to value, these firms can now look forward to converting the problem into a monetizing opportunity.

No so fast. We agree, CO2 to value pathways are still in their early stages with many uncertainties, but for coal power plants, their CO2 emissions are actually sounding their death knell, so they should be far more keen to do investing on CO2 to value research.

While commercialization of the pathways is still some time away, there is some clarity on the nature of the monetization patrhways:

The four prominent baskets for CO2-based products are:

1) CO2 to liquid fuel (example, methanol which is petrol equivalent, dimethyl ether, which is diesel equivalent).

2) CO2 to carbon products (example: carbon nanotube, carbon nano particle, carbon black).

3) CO2 to organic chemicals (example: olefins, formic acid, formaldehyde, acetic acid).

4) CO2 to inorganic chemicals (example: soda ash, urea).

Relevant for

  • Automobile engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Power engineer
  • Public finance professional
  • Economist
  • Bureaucrat
  • Political leader
  • International policy making professional

Innovation sector

  • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • Policy-making
  • Power engineering

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  • Corporate researcher
  • Financial investor
  • Corporate management
  • Government