Decarbonization Avenue : C2V - CO2 to Value

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Is CO2 to value ushering in Chemical Industry 2.0?

The chemical industry has long has a symbiotic industry with the oil & gas industry, with the petrochemicals sector having one foot in petroleum and the other in chemicals.

But as the sun seems to be setting (albeit slowly) on the oil & gas industry, the chemical industry feels the need for exploring new grounds. With the concept of green hydrogen gaining ground, the chemicals industry might find it valuable to look at waste CO2 emissions as a key feedstock, in addition to renewable sources such as biomass, for its future growth.

Relevant for

  • Senior & top management
  • Corporate strategy professional
  • Business visionary / thought leader
  • Business/management consultant
  • Chemical engineer
  • Oil & gas engineer
  • International policy making professional

Innovation sector

  • Chemistry & chemical engineering

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  • Corporate management
  • Government