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Syngas is the lego for the chemical industry

Many professionals even from the chemical industry may not have heard about syngas, but that may be just about to change.

Because, as many industry experts say, syngas is the building block using which a host of fuels and chemicals can be produced. 

It is perhaps the composition of the gas that gives it so much promise - it is a mixture of CO and H2. This structure only lends itself into being converted into a range of higher-C hydrocarbon fuels and even polymers. But while its potential as a feedstock for liquid fuels and chemicals is what increased its popularity, syngas uses do not stop there.

Both CO and H2 are flammable, so syngas can used a fuel in an internal combustion engine similar to natural gas, Hot syngas can also power a turbine.

This powerful building block can be produced from CO2 as well, when CO2 is co-electrolysed with water. If the power used for electrolysis comes from renewable sources, we have a scenario where you have the lego of the chemical world produced in a very low carbon fashion.

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  • Chemical engineer
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  • Renewable energy sciences

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