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Japanese companies to work on power-to-chemicals demo project

Six companies - which include Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp, Toyo Engineering Corp, Toshiba Corporation, Japan CCS Co and All Nippon Airways Co - plan to initiate a power to chemicals project that could have significant ramifications for the country's hydrogen economy developments.

The P2C plant being will use artificial photosynthesis technology to reduce the CO2 separated and collected from exhaust resources into CO, which will then be reacted in the FT [Fischer-Tropsch] synthesis process with hydrogen obtained from renewable energy using the existing petroleum refining process in a plant to produce liquid fuels, such as jet fuel, light oil, etc,

Under the plan, Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions will build a prototype of a full-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) electrolysis unit and conduct demonstration operation of the unit its Hamakawasaki Operations in Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture.

While they appear to try out the fairly well known route of syngas and FT, what is interesting is the formation of such a powerful consortium.

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